Block users from installing or running programs in Windows 10/8/7

You can in the event that you wish, limit clients from introducing or running projects in Windows 10/8/7 just as Windows Vista/XP/2000 and Windows Server family. You can do as such by utilizing certain Group Policy settings to control the conduct of the Windows Installer, keep certain projects from running or limit by means of the Registry Editor.
The Windows Installer, msiexec.exe, recently known as Microsoft Installer, is a motor for the establishment, upkeep, and expulsion of programming on present day Microsoft Windows frameworks.
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In this post, we will perceive how to square establishment of programming in Windows 10/8/7.
Cripple or limit the utilization of Windows Installer by means of Group Policy
Type gpedit.msc in begin inquiry and hit Enter to open the Group Policy Editor. Explore to Computer Configurations > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Installer. In RHS sheet double tap on Disable Windows Installer. Arrange the choice as required.
This setting can keep clients from introducing programming on their frameworks or grant clients to introduce just those projects offered by a framework chairman. In the event that you empower this setting, you can utilize the alternatives in the Disable Windows Installer box to set up an establishment setting.
The “Never” choice shows Windows Installer is completely empowered. Clients can introduce and overhaul programming. This is the default conduct for Windows Installer on Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, and Windows Vista when the approach isn’t designed.
The “For non-oversaw applications just” choice grants clients to introduce just those projects that a framework manager appoints (offers on the work area) or distributes (adds them to Add or Remove Programs). This is the default conduct of Windows Installer on Windows Server 2003 family when the arrangement isn’t designed.
The “Dependably” alternative shows that Windows Installer is impaired.
This setting influences Windows Installer as it were. It doesn’t keep clients from utilizing different techniques to introduce and redesign programs.
Continuously introduce with raised benefits :
In the Group Policy Editor, explore to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components. Look down and click Windows Installer and arrange it to Always introduce with raised benefits.
This setting coordinates Windows Installer to utilize framework consents when it introduces any program on the framework.
This setting stretches out raised benefits to all projects. These benefits are typically held for projects that have been alloted to the client (offered on the work area), doled out to the PC (introduced naturally), or made accessible in Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. This setting gives clients a chance to introduce programs that expect access to indexes that the client probably won’t have authorization to view or change, including registries on very confined PCs.
On the off chance that you cripple this setting or don’t design it, the framework applies the present client’s consents when it introduces programs that a framework executive does not disseminate or offer.
This setting seems both in the Computer Configuration and User Configuration envelopes. To make this setting powerful, you should empower the setting in the two envelopes.
Gifted clients can exploit the consents this setting stipends to change their benefits and addition perpetual access to limited records and organizers. Note that the User Configuration form of this setting isn’t destined to be secure.
Try not to run indicated Windows applications
In the Group Policy Editor, explore to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System
Here in RHS sheet, double tap Don’t run indicated Windows applications and in the new window which opens select Enabled. Presently Under Options click Show. In the new windows which opens enter the way of the application you wish to refuse; for this situation : msiexec.exe.
This will refuse Windows Installer which is situated in C:\Windows\System32\ organizer from running.
This setting keeps Windows from running the projects you indicate in this setting. In the event that you empower this setting, clients can’t run projects that you add to the rundown of prohibited applications.
This setting just keeps clients from running projects that are begun by the Windows Explorer process. It doesn’t keep clients from running projects, for example, Task Manager, that are begun by the framework procedure or by different procedures. Likewise, on the off chance that you grant clients to access the order brief, cmd.exe, this setting does not keep them from beginning projects in the direction window that they are not allowed to begin by utilizing Windows Explorer. Note: To make a rundown of prohibited applications, click Show. In the Show Contents discourse box, in the Value section, type the application executable name (e.g., msiexec.exe).
Confine Programs from being introduced by means of Registry Editor
Open Registry Editor and explore to the accompanying key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies\Explorer\DisallowRun
Make String an incentive with any name, similar to 1 and set its incentive to the program’s EXE record.
For instance, If you need to limit msiexec, at that point make a String esteem 1 and set its incentive to msiexec.exe. On the off chance that you need to confine more projects, at that point just make additionally String qualities with names 2, 3, etc and set their qualities to the program’s exe.
You may need to restart your PC.

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